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A few words from some of our patients

Clem ODonnell 136

“Dr. O’Donnell and his staff make each visit to the eye doctor an absolute joy. The new office in Shaverton is beautiful and clearly ready to meet any and all eye care needs. But the thing that truly sets them apart is the personal service. When you’re in the office, they make you feel like you’re their most important patient. Dr. O’Donnell’s explanations are fantastic. After your examination he makes sure you understand all vision issues and steps you need to take to improve or correct the condition.
“As a result of New Era Eye Care, my vision has improved and I have peace of mind for myself and my whole family.”
— Clem

Gerry ODonnell 33

“New Era Eye Care gives competent care with quality outcomes accommodated by an engaged staff. I feel in good hands and have peace of mind about my eyes and eye care.”
— Gerry

Barbara ODonnell 50

“I like the cheerful atmosphere at New Era Eye Care. They have the latest technology to ensure the eye examination is thorough and accurate.
“Dr. O’Donnell and staff make sure I am informed of any changes in my vision and make sure that all my vision care is up-to-date.”
— Barbara

Denise ODonnell 84

“Since becoming a patient of Dr. Brian, I have a true understanding of what is occurring with my sight and what can be done to prolong good vision and health for my eyes. As a result of his thorough exam, he found a cataract in my right eye that is now being removed. Simply, there isn’t a more thorough eye exam around than at New Era Eye Care.
“I’m happy to call Dr. O’Donnell my doctor and send everyone I know to him. I’m grateful!”
— Denise

Jill testimonial

“We found out my daughter needed glasses in kindergarten. Dr. O’Donnell was very kid-friendly, so her first eye exam went very smoothly… and we’ve been coming back ever since! Now 22, she is bringing her own daughter to see Dr. O’Donnell! Our whole family relies on Dr. O’Donnell for all our eye care needs!

“Dr. O’Donnell conducts a thorough examination, which we all appreciate. He and his staff are very professional, courteous and friendly and the office is welcoming and clean.”
— Jill

Morris testimonial

“I first learned about Dr. O’Donnell through word of mouth. A friend and neighbor told me about this office. I like the cleanliness of the office, as well as the friendly staff. I feel very comfortable here. Dr. O’Donnell talks to you like a friend. The doctor is very patient with his patients and he listens. He’s also very calming and it is easy to understand his jargon. I leave here knowing all I need to know.”
— Morris

Tyler ODonnell 281

“I’ve been a patient of Dr. O’Donnell’s since I needed my first pair of glasses in kindergarten. My whole family, including my mother, grandmother and my daughter, go to Dr. O’Donnell. Dr. O’Donnell and his staff are very warm and welcoming to my family.”
— Tyler

Agnes ODonnell 275

“My family, consisting of four generations, has been coming to Dr. O’Donnell since his practice was established many years ago. He is professional and personable, and very thorough in his examination. I am very pleased with Dr. O’Donnell.”
— Agnes

Luke testimonial

“I like that Dr. O’Donnell is nice and helped me keep my eyes healthy!”

— Luke